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Dating Tip

If you want some of the best dating tips – they are in the video directly below. It addresses guys getting girls but if you just reverse roles on much of it – women / girls can benefit greatly from this information too. Sex is in everything and it is every where – it’s a big part of who we are. What I tell you, in my “dating tips” is really about how to handle yourself from now on. Your life will be better if you pay attention. It’s not that long either.

Guys and Girls watch my video on confidence – you could change your life as it is.Confidence Video!

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Getting What You Want Is An Art & A Science

With Confidence You Can to Meet (and take home) Ladies as Hot as Her

Takes One Thing Only- CONFIDENCE
And This is the Stone Cold Truth!

Confidence wins all

Confidence wins all <<<<

HAVE A HEALTH RECIPE DIET. Look and feel your absolute best and exude confidence from your every pore and when you enter a room – all eyes with be attracted to you. It must be absolutely sincere confidence and you will score better than you ever had in your freakin life.  In depth instructions are in this website for how to achieve this if you are not a person of confidence to begin with.  If that is not enough and you would like some coaching call me – Tom Gurda @ 615-275-9428 and I can help significantly.

Where To Pick Up Girls

Confidence & Sweet SEXY Money That Grows 4 U!!!

Confidence First…..
If you scroll down to the testosterone pills you will learn how to make you confidence and your cock grow too…..
where To Pick Up Girls - with Sweet Sexy Money
Where To Pick Up Girls – with Sweet Sexy Money

BEFORE YOU READ THIS ARTICLE – I want to share something with you that is amazing – it will make an old man hard as a rock and YOUR CONFIDENCE SPIKE WILL MAKE YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE TO LADIES and it also helps REDUCE BELLY FAT and PRODUCES ENERGY.

The Secret to Success – with women and with money is the same thing – total and undeniable CONFIDENCE, period.

Wealthy Yet? Great News – This is a Gift!

Wealthy Yet?It certainly helps with the babes!



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Guy & Girls – Are You Dating Your Dream Girls & Guys???


Why Isn’t Every Guy Dating His Dream Girl? Same Goes To

The Ladies, Do You Have Your Dream Guy?


This site is obviously written for guys but if you know a girl or woman that

needs help in their confidence – my stuff applies just as well for a female that

pays attention and simple reverse roles.

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Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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Projecting Confidence

projecting confidence

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projecting confidence

projecting confidence


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Fact – You Don’t Pick Up Girls, You Attract Them With Confidence


Pay close attention to what he has to say and your success rate will shoot up >>>success !!

Learn From the Wisdom of a Guy That Has Been There

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Pick Up Lines For Girls


My Pick Up Lines For Girls

I start out with “My” pick up lines for girls because everyone has different perspectives and some guys believe that pick up lines actually work. I’ll give you the very short version of what works in my 4 minute video. But… remember, there is a whole package that goes beyond what I explain in the 4 minute video. If you can get it right off just from listening to my 4 minute spiel – that hats off to you. In most cases – it takes a few months of training – the tone of voice you use is huge, body language is also up there on top. The experts in communication say that less than 8 % of the words you use are what is actually communicated. High in the 30 percentile is your body language and believe it or not tone of voice is in the upper 40 percentile – like above 45% but I don’t remember exactly (I’m thinking 47%).