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Want babes that you think are out of your league?

Want babes that you think are out of your league?


You can make things happen that you won't believe - you will think you are dreaming!

You can make things happen that you won’t believe – you will think you are dreaming!


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Pick up Girls that you think are untouchable!

Pick up Girls that you think are untouchable!

Sex Appeal – Power Personified”

Attracting Women is reverse engineering the idea that you

Sex Appeal might help produce a red head or two…

You don’t actually pick up girls/ women, instead, the reality is that you have to attract them so they can pick you up. In an effort to make this easy to read and absorb we will still use the term “pick up girls” because that is what our brains think is actually happening. Guys like to think they are in control and calling the shots. This might still be true to some degree if you can attract women – if your mojo is alive and well. This article explains how (and why) anyone can can improve their sex appeal – regardless of how much you currently have or don’t have.

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Sex appeal is the “where” to Pick Up Girls – not a particular place. Just about anywhere is good. You can improve your odds by not wasting your time with more difficult places and situations. Then, armed with some secrets, sometimes the perfect scenario has you finding what you’re looking for in some of the oddest (even most difficult) places. The real trick is more in “how to pick up girls” rather than “where to pick up girls”. Even then it is not so much that you pick up girls, but rather you attract them and then you have the choice of whether or not you are interested in what (who) you attracted.

Sex Appeal is important where?

How would you like to stop by the corner store and find yourself in a situation where you attract a woman – a really hot woman? Or even better – leaving that store with that really hot lady… YOU THINK “WHERE TO PICK UP GIRLS” WHEN YOU SHOULD BE THINKING OF “HOW TO ATTRACT WOMEN.” ARMED WITH THE RIGHT MINDSET – IT WILL HAPPEN WHERE YOU ARE AT ANY GIVEN TIME! THIS IS PROBABLY HARD TO BELIEVE FOR MOST GUYS – READ ON BEFORE YOU DECIDE. No Money?

The place where you spend the majority of your time is by far the best place to attract women – assuming there are women there. For starters – the work place – or anywhere that you have repeated exposure to the target – like College, or joining groups that meet regularly and many other regularly visited places is WHERE TO PICK UP GIRLS. Any place where you can gain some regular exposure is where to pick up girls. You’ll need to apply the following tips whether it’s at work, school or some place else.

If you don’t work with any babes – no worries – there are tons of great places to attract women. You can succeed using my methods in the grocery store, at the bank, at gas stations,in a bar and even at church. It’s a good idea to be a part of as many social type gatherings where the same group gets together repeatedly. If you want to attract women bad enough – find some groups to be a part of – this is not absolutely required, it just gives you more opportunity.

Practice (as explained below) and this really works any-freakin-where!

How about her?
How about her?

The worst places for where to pick up girls (or to “attract women”) is at the beach or when they’re in a group of friends. By the way, the words “attract women” are repeated just about ever time there’s a reference to “Where to Pick Up Girls” as a way to get your mind set right. Just sit at a bar and watch the girls in the group shoot down guy after guy (unless they already know them). You study this page and actually implement the frequent practice and you will improve your chances significantly. This approach has proven to work again and again and again. Just get it in your head that it’s all about how to attract women – not so much to “pick up girls”. In most cases, the babes can get guys any time and any where. You want to have some of that power? Follow the guidelines in this document and you will acquire some of that power. How much is completely dependent on you. Women will send you a little signal. The signal is not always something that will jump right out at you. In many cases – it is simply the way they make eye contact, for example – a little sparkle or extended gaze with the right kind of smile. In some cases they might not even smile. Over time, you must learn to read those “signals” because most ladies won’t give you many chances and the signals are rarely repeated if they think you aren’t interested. Or worse, they could think you are a dork for not picking up on what they threw your way.

“It is not simply one secret or tactic – but a formula or combination of things that show you how to attract women / girls / ladies. Mastering this also helps tremendously with most types of employment. The employment part might sound confusing to some folks, but when you master sex appeal, you will be amazed at the doors that open up for you. Even other guys will look up to you when you master this. If your boss is a guy, he will have more respect for you. If your boss is a female – all the better. The benefits of sex appeal go on and on well past anything sexual – it’s power personified in the vast majority of social interactions.” Explains Tom Gurda, a published authority on the subject.

A way of of life for you that allows you to enjoy more and prospermore!

We will discuss how going out with a pretty girl can give you many pretty girls – something every guy should know and use. HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS AND ATTRACT WOMEN

This works and it works with girls that you might have previously thought to be “out of your league”. They are very much attainable. Let’s jump in and read a bit about “The Face” First tip: right now read this & it’s just the beginning for how to pick up girls (attract women).

Bet You Think You Can't Pick Up Girls This Hot - Right?
Bet You Think You Can’t Pick Up Girls This Hot – Right?

Your facial expression will get you started on how to improve your sex appeal or it can shut you down instantly. If your expression is one of sadness or blank, negative or anything besides what I’m about to share then you’ve lost before you even entered the room. 

How to pick up girls requires some homework. Practice what I’m about to share as much as possible until you get your best at this. Your facial expression needs to be self confident and a little happy. You don’t even have to be smiling but i do recommend a slight smile or a slightly happy face. Depending on your mood and type of day you are having – this may not be apparent unless you are consciously making it happen.

Do this alone and you will learn how to improve your sex appeal and pick up girls – you will improve you chances by many times over. Here’s the short version: practice your attitude in the mirror or with me (I’m willing to help some on skype) and with some practice, you will achieve stuff you can’t currently believe. You start by thinking about something you are good at could be anything- like how well you throw horse shoes, at anything. Make something that you are best at.

You want to learn how to pick up girls and improve your chances significantly? This is not about lines to pick up a girl. It’s about sex appeal and how to attract women/girls. You must be ready at all times and capable with what attracts women. The key work is “attract” because it’s all up her after you present yourself as the cock of the walk.

Just be cool and confident and they will be attractedIT WORKS.

Practice your delivery on my mobile app – there are links below to access the app.


With most women you will be able to tell almost instantly if they would be interested in more – much more.

“It”requires practice – this can not be stressed enough. Feeling great about yourself is an important part of having a great life and I will definitely help you with this after you click below.

The best part is that you can have “it” regardless of your age, your height, your hair line of even if you have no hair –

Mmmmmmm, all you need is to develop your "it" factor...
Mmmmmmm, all you need is to develop your “it” factor…

Guidance and practice tips are available

in a Mobile App (below) that

will improve your game by a significant amount.

Here’s the deal – I am offering some of the most important tips for where to pick up girls and to attracting women that you will find anywhere. There is more coming your way after this. I will show you how even the shy and unattractive guys get beautiful Ladies…. Dating out of your league won’t even cross you mind after you do it for a while. This is a set of proven methods that you will find no where else. These skill set improvements will also be available in mobile app below. If you wish to take it a step futher, the app will show you how to access a Premium Membership.


The most important secrets anyone could ever provide in regard to picking up women is next with other important tips for you!

I have the all inclusive —-> mobile app only for android and soon to be available on IPhone. It’s called “How To Meet Girls” and here are the links (you will love this) it costs practically nothing: less than $3 –

                                                                             How to Meet Girls – Android Apps on Google Play– for Android

If you don’t have a smart phone > no worries, just study the tips on this page over and over again, then sign up for my free members group at the bottom of this page and you will get many more free tips (many will be of very specific situations).  If you are reading this, that means you already bought my book  – it will help significantly. For those of you that want to ensure you are doing all you can for this end goal (hot babes) – then sign up for the advanced training: one on one via Skype with me.  I’m so certain that I will help you in a great way that I back it with a 30 day money back – no reasons required, guaranteed!


In addition to the tips above & my book, you can receive 4 Skype calls per month with me for one on one individualized training for $49 per month. Each call is expected to last 20 to 30 minute per call but I’m pretty flexible about extending these a little at no extra cost. Your appreciation is enough.

If you can’t afford the monthly training but you really want it – try joining my contest and score a lot of points so you have a good chance at winning.  If you don’t win right way – no worries you will remain a contestant for the future and the points you have acquired will help your odds.  The only time you loss your points is if you win the contest.

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All my best,

Tom Gurda

Last but not least: Pick Up Girls” Online

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