How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar

Pick Up Girls At A Bar

The funny part of “how to pick up girls at a bar” is what I explain in everything I teach – it’s all about how you walk through the door. You either have that aura of sex appeal or you don’t. And if you don’t, you can have it – I promise you that I can show you how. I ran the hottest night club in Orange County NY – for 10 years.
I’m a bit older now but all the better. I had dips on the majority of the babes in the place for two reasons – #1. I always had this skill – it’s called an incredibly high opinion of my self or self confidence.
#2 It was my bar and that by itself attracted many babes. But #2 isn’t anything like #1. #1 allowed me to have the same results in any bar – in other states or countries because when I walked into the bars – it was obvious that I had self confidence. Obvious because I did – in the way I walked, in my body language, the way I spoke to anyone. I can make this sound very simple but for most guys – it is not easy. That is why I decided to do the one on one coaching. If I can see your face and how you talk and your body language > I can work on all those things and more with you. I guarantee that you will get babes. It will likely take some practice – more for some of you than for others. If you are a virgin or have had very little success, I can take you leaps and bounds. If you are already pretty good at this – I can still improve your game.

I thought about reducing the price to make it more affordable but then I would have to take on more guys than I care to do and I can do a better job if I’m not way too busy and hurrying up to take on the next client. The price I’m asking for the training I offer is more than fair. Hell, if you decided you really liked a babe and wanted to start a relationship – you could compare one month of training to be less than the cost of one decent dinner for the two of you. If you are really really broke and you want this bad enough – you can build up points in the contest and win 2 full months of training. Right now it’s only a few weeks before the first guy is picked as the winner and man – I’m blown away that none of the contenders are trying very hard. Don’t worry about Jim Morgan on the Leaders page of my site – he is a pseudo name for me. I’m actually Jim Morgan and Tom Gurda – I use the extra name for a bunch of things that do not matter. All you need to know is that Jim Morgan can not win the contest. That means everybody else isn’t trying too hard.

If you are broke – you could easily win this contest with a little effort by doing all the free things that I explain on the contest page. It will not cost you a dime to win 2 full months of outstanding training. So… big guy – if you want to know how to pick up girls at a bar – just sign up and you will be successfully be doing exactly that.