The Truth About Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal & Self Confidence

go hand in hand.

Sex Appeal & Confidence

Sex Appeal & Confidence


  Sex Appeal: I’m now in my 50′s and since I was very young I knew that if I wanted to have a certain kind of success in life – that I would need to have some kind of power with the ladies.  I was about 11 years
old when this dawned on me.  I was fishing with my friend Dave and he asked me what were the top things I wanted out of life.  Dave was my best friend. I thought long and hard on the question.  At first I tried answering by saying that the number one thing I wanted was to be happy.  That wasn’t good enough for Dave, he wanted specifics.
After much more thought, I gave him the answer, I said “Well Dave, first and foremost, I want to have some kind of power over girls and as I get older – over women. I want them to want me in the worst way – to the point where I have power over them.” Dave seemed a little puzzled but
I explained that happiness was my ultimate goal and having this power would definitely make me happy. He said ok – that makes sense. I said, next would be to have enough money that I would have all that I

need. I didn’t need to be rich in money as long as I was rich in women.
 Having the right amount of confidence is key in having sex appeal but there is more to it than what
you may think, it’s a certain look in your face and a certain way that you carry
yourself and how you talk- all based on a certain type of confidence. In just
ten minutes a day, you can increase this type of confidence by as much as 500%
 when you follow the advice – and the homework assignment that is described in
the article on the following page:


Sex appeal or confidence?

 In the question “sex appeal or confidence?” the answer is ironic because sex appeal comes from confidence and confidence equals sex appeal, once you understand it.
 I am at expert level in a number of things and most people that know me from the past (19 years)
would say that I’m an expert at Leadership. I held a senior executive role where I was responsible for over 1,200 people with a $13 million dollar annual budget ( I had to sign off on everything).
I discovered my special skills with sex appeal in Junior High School where the best looking guys could never figure out how or why I ended up with the best looking girls in the classes – not just in my grade but in 1 grade below and two grades above mine. More than one of my my regular girlfriends was two years ahead  of me in school – that is a lot when you are only 13 or 14 years old! Even the guys that were two years ahead of me respected me and even hung out with me. Having a power like sex appeal opens many doors for you that might be surprising.
As a side note, sex appeal has a huge impact on your career or on jobs you work at – that’s a whole different topic that I will write about in the future. But… before I close this subject, I will say that my journey through several promotions at the fortune 500 company (mentioned above) had in a large part, to do with my sex appeal prowess. Again – that is for another article.  It still amazes me how sex appeal effects pretty much every aspect of your life – you show me where it doesn’t and I will explain how it does – no matter what you may currently think.
 Sex appeal is easy in a picture - Happy-Happy Joy-Joy

Sex appeal is easy in a picture – Happy-Happy Joy-Joy

My mad skills were hone a bit through the high school years but I didn’t discover my true power and abilities until I started tending bar.  My father had a bar that catered to the older generation and I was out of a job at the time.  He approached me and said that Saturday nights was his slowest night of the week and that he was lucky if he got a few customers all night long.  His real business was the business man’s day time crowd and business was great on days. All night shifts were slow with Saturday not making enough to pay the help. He explained that he had nothing to lose by putting me in there (the drinking age was 18 then and I was 19). I needed the money so I agreed. Little did I know that I would pack the place with paying customers within a month or so. It was so good that he asked me to take on a few more nights and I did. My Saturday night crowd was now bringing in more money that any other shift during the week – it was better than his best day shift. The reason for this became obvious very quickly. I attracted young women as well as the older women to become customers, even all the female bartenders from the week came in when I was behind the bar. And…. with every female that came in – there were art the least 4 or 5 guys that came in hoping to score with one of them. It was like a snowball rolling down a hill and getting bigger and bigger.
It’s important that you know that I’m not a particularly good looking guy – not at all. I have a huge nose with tiny slit like eyes. Still, all through the years, the really good looking guys could not shine my shoes when it came to sex appeal.
Blowjob Lessons

Blowjob Lessons

I stumbled across an opportunity to rent out this old dilapidated bar way out in the country – 30 miles from a large town and about 8 to 10 miles from the high school I went to – it was smack dab in the middle of nowhere – with farm fields for miles and miles around. The bar had now one in every day and night and the owner was having a nervous breakdown. I knew the guy (he was an older guy that frequented the bar when I worked (because there were women there) – I rode by one night and I saw him sitting there with no customers.  I felt sorry for him and and turned around and went it to buy him a beer. He told me the sad story of how bad he was doing and I had a revelation while he was talking. I t made him an offer to rent the place out for xx dollars a month and I would cover all the bills while I ran it and paid him – he jumped on it. I spent the next week with family and friends cleaning the place up. I added a state of the art jukebox with killer speakers. Within a week or so the place starting filling up – all my customers from 30 miles away made the trek out there and then many people from home town and high school town came in too. Within a month there was barely a space for another person to squeeze into the place – it was packed every night – of course it helped tremendously that there were always a lot of females there and many were super hot. Most of the really hot girls were my ex’s – they all came in and waited on tables and got behind the bar and served drinks for me and would not even take pay. Most of the girlfriends I ever had – stayed girlfriends even after we broke up.  In some cases I was still seeing them on and off (so to speak) and many other cases we remained good friends. They made my business the success that it was. I had a full house seven nights a week.


After about 5 months of this, I heard rumors that I was going to lose the bar because the owner wanted to take it back and have his daughter and son-in-law take over the business I had built. I was hoping it was just a rumor because we had a handshake deal and back then – in this area, your hand shake was something you had to stand by – it meant life or death whether or not you honored the hand shake. So one night the owner comes in and sure enough he asks to speak in the back office. He said I had till the end of the week to clear out – he said the neighbors were complaining about the noise and garbage left outside.  I told him I would pay off the neighbors, and clean outside every morning. He said it was too loud – I said that I would rebuild the exterior walls with double isolation and virtually eliminate the noise, he still said no, I offered to do all of that plus other improvements out of my pocket and I would pay him 5% of the take. When he turned down all the things I offered – I knew then and there what he was planning to do – the rumor was true.
Sex Appeal - Where To Pick Up Girls

Sex Appeal – Where To Pick Up Girls

I called my brothers and some friends with trucks that same night and cleared out everything that I had added – the jukebox and speakers, the new pool table, the video games and all the nice decorations.
The next day, loaded with several hundred bucks, I cruised around to most of the bars in the region and even ones far away and bought everybody a round in each bar and explained how this guy broke the handshake deal and was planning on stealing the trade I built up- that was on a Tuesday, just a few days later, on Friday night – his bar was as empty as it was the night I shook his hand.  He could not sell a six pack to go. Some months later he lost the place to taxes.
My father approached me and asked if I wanted to be partners in a bar he would build for me to run. I figured he was making the offer to keep me out of jail – because he knew I was going to do something very bad to that owner – very very bad.  After all it was my Dad that taught about the honor of a handshake. And, he knew me.  When I said no thanks – he said then how about this: If you do what I know you intend to do – you will get caught and put away forever. He said that he paid for each of the other kids in the family to go to college and I was the only one that he never spent any money on. He said he respected my decision to not go to college and that if I didn’t do anything stupid that I would be fine without it. (It was different back then – because now a days you need a 4 year degree to get the simplest low paying jobs).
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Anyway… he said he had a lot the time in the world and now so did I. He asked me where in the world would I like to visit or travel through – what countries did I want to see and that he and I would take a long trip to where ever I wanted to go -at his expense and that would be his donation to my education. I said I know what you are trying to do Dad – you just want to stop me from doing what I have to do. He said – I’ll tell you what, if you agree to take this trip with me and you still feel that you have to do this, that I could do it upon my return with cool and clear head. I told him I had no desire toi travel the world and that I’d rather just see most of the United States. he reminded me that he still wanted to build a bar for me to run and we could both win. He said “you have a new custom van with a bed in it, how about we travel the states and go into every bar from here to California and back and we get ideas of what we want to build.  I said we can’t sleep in the van for a trip like that. He laughed and said no – we will stay at nice hotels all the way through – the bed in the back is just for convenience while we travel. He added that he would even put new tires on the van when we returned. I told him I would think about it. He asked that I promise that I would not do anything I had in mind until I gave him my decision. I caved and said Dad I would be honored to take such a trip with you.
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We did it! For several weeks and it could have been much longer but when we were out west we both agreed to to head home. We had seen and done a great deal.  It was an amazing trip – I could write a book about all the experiences we had on that trip and, it was very educational too.
Shortly after we got back, we started looking for property to build on.  He explained that it would take as long as a few years before we actually had a bar up and running (I don’t remember why so long). I got a job as an assembly line worker in a production plant that build tractor trailers from the ground up. I got promoted a few times within the first year and by the second year, I was promoted to running the second shift. I had a very good job. It was a sweat shop with all men and it basically sucked but at least I was the top dog on my shift. (I could write a book about that experience too). It was the teamsters union against the management – or so everyone thought. The big guy that ran the whole place was connected and he had the union in his pocket – they did exactly what he told them to do – I witnessed this. I can say this because if anyone questioned me – I could have made this up.  But it is the truth.
Meanwhile, the bar was build and long before it opened, my father asked me if I would mind if he and his younger brother could take a stab at running it – since I had what was considered a great job. I was a little offended but I didn’t tell him that, I said sure – give it a go Dad. It was a pretty big bar – about 3 or 4 times the size of his previous two bars. They opened and after a few months of it being deader than a door nail, he asked me if we could meet and come to some kind of an agreement where he owned it but I ran it. We met and I told him I had a few rules that he had to agree to before I quit my job.  The main rule was that – whatever I decide and what ever I do in that bar, that he and no one else would tell me otherwise, that it was his investment but the business aspect would be 100% mine.  And… no matter what kind of crowd I catered to and no matter what the music or who worked there or anything – it was all my call and no one elses. He asked if that was for day shift too and that he would like his brother to run day and I would own nights 100%. He tried to shake my hand a few times while I reiterated the rules. He agreed and I shook his hand. I left the trailer factory and took over nights.  Within a few short weeks business tripled and then quad tripled and it just kept getting busier until there was a line out the door of people waiting to get in. AI t became the most popular and busiest bar in the county. people came all the way from NYC (about 70 miles away) – they came from all over. I had women with mink stoles to the floor standing next to bikers and farmers – it was the most eclectic bar I have ever been in. Many bars popped up and tried to emulate what I had for years.  It wasn’t until about 8 or 9 years in that some of the competition got busy. The reason the bar was so successful was the same reason my first bar was – every girl I ever slept with – (almost every one, after all – there were a few messy endings out of all those ex’s) came in my bar and just them being there made guys come in because so many of them were really hot ladies and girls. Ultimately, it boiled down to one reason for success and that reason was sex appeal.

 I could write a whole a series of books on those experiences. I coached a lot of guys during that 10 year period and fixed many of them up to get some action – for many, it was their first time.

Everyone came to my bar – everyone, and in that mix there were plenty of introverted guys that had no self esteem when it came to babes.

They came in with their buddies and that was all they knew. It was easy to get them to the next level. Continue reading »