Where To Pick Up Girls

Where to pick up girls” and “how to pick up girls” are both ironic terms that    guys use.  They are ironic because it’s the not the guys that make the decision to “pick up girls” a certain girl – very rarely is that the case, most of the time, virtually all of the time – it’s the girl that is picking you up. Don’t get me wrong here – you still need to be the one that approaches her – you have to be the man, but you also need to have that “I don’t give a damn” attitude.  You have be an all confident man. What you need to do to get high quality babes is attract them to you.  There are many ways to enhance this ability and the #1 way is confidence, pure, real and totally natural confidence.  Fearless confidence is extremely attractive to women – you can draw them in like a magnet.  And… you can’t fake it.  They know the second you open a door and enter a room. It’s in everything you do – the way you walk, the way you carry yourself and the way you take and make eye contact.  I think it’s funny when I hear about guys that have great pick up lines because there is no such thing.  It has nothing to do with what you say – it has everything to do with how you say it and your tone of voice. I will help any guy that wants the help. I’m extremely good at it and and I don’t mind sharing it.  I can even give you an exercise that will make you much more confident.  For starters – click on the link below called “Where to Pick up girls” and pay close attention.  It’s in the video directly below:









Where To Pick Up Girls


Where to pick up girls?  Where ever you are, dude!

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